Scrambled Eggs

If you want to create a breakfast dish with eggs and want to add a twist to it, learn this Pinoy recipe of SCRAMBLED EGGS. It’s healthy and delicious!

Corned Beef Omelet

Learn how to make CORNED BEEF OMELET with this Pinoy recipe and satisfy your family’s taste buds early in the morning!


There’s just something about PALABOK that wows us. Most of Filipino handaan serve this simple-looking but delicious-tasting noodle dish.

Burger Steak

Why settle for fast food BURGER STEAK when you can make it at home? It’s a really simple and fun Pinoy recipe!


Aside from it being a nice pair with rice, PAKLAY is also good for those who had too much to drink the previous night. It’s a well known cure for hangover when served hot. Here’s the Pinoy recipe!

Kilawing Kambing

KILAWING KAMBING is probably one of the most famous pulutan with Filipinos or it can also be a viand and eaten together with rice. Learn the Pinoy recipe here!

Cheese Sticks

Some would even serve CHEESE STICKS as snacks when they have visitors at home. Learn this Pinoy recipe that will only require you 2 ingredients!


There’s just something about the crispy outside and chewy inside of CALAMARES that keeps us munching on more. Learn how to make this extremely easy Pinoy recipe below!


Learn how to make this Pinoy recipe so you can enjoy DINUGUAN with your family at home!