Lutong Pinoy Recipes

Among other Asian cuisines, Indian food can undoubtedly be considered as the most exotic and flavourful one there is. There are a lot of varieties in Indian cuisine as the country itself has different regions and plenty of traditional dishes to go along with it. All around the world, Indian food is known to be the “spicy cuisine’. Curry, their most famous dish has influenced a lot of other dishes in other countries. Some have made their own version like in Japan and some others that have grown a fondness to the dishes tend to open their selves more to the cuisine as a whole. Indian food may be an intimidating dish to try, especially for those that are wary of eating spicy food, but despite this, it is something that converts those that are brave enough to try it. Some examples of famous Indian dishes are samosas, rice pilaf, chicken masala, palak paneer, naan, and tandoori chicken.

The tastes of their dishes are so strong and mouth-watering that it is easy to pair with food that is blander but healthy. Some examples of food you can pair them with are vegetables such as potatoes and cauliflower. Their dishes range from salty dishes to sweet, sour and spicy tastes. A lot of their dishes are packed with more than just one flavor but it all amazingly comes together. The taste for Indian food is so popular and well-loved especially within Asia because it is easy to incorporate their taste and sauces in other dishes that are non-Indian. In history, their famed spices are also the reason for their good international relations with Europe during their “Age of Discovery”.

Aside from being influenced by other countries through colonialism in their past, their cuisine is also influenced by their religion which is Hindu. This is the reason why certain ingredients are not used such as pork. They incorporate more vegetables in their dishes as well which makes it one of the top vegetarian-friendly cuisines in the world. It is a great discovery for vegans and to some people watching their diet. The spices incorporated in their dishes not only give extra taste to the dish, but it also has health benefits and when it is used correctly, can be a very tasty and innovative way to combat illnesses.

We can say that what makes Indian food special, besides its unique taste, is how they incorporate ingredients in their dishes. It is actually very difficult to spice up a dish with plenty of herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables and being able to balance it out. The Indian culture had developed their love of spices through various influences as well and it shows us that the way they make their food has thought put into it. Indian food is an advocate for a more creative and innovative way of spicing up your food. Some that may want to try their method of incorporating a lot of spices in their dish at home can definitely do it but should start slow.