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The Trend of Healthy Food

Food is a necessity in our life. It is the main thing we have strived to obtain since the primitive years for our survival. As evolved human beings now, we have gained more knowledge and learned the ability to obtain, store and make food for ourselves in a more massive and efficient way. Through school, we have learned the different use and nutritional values of the healthy food that is available to us. We grow up learning that we should “eat healthily” and “maintain a balanced diet”, therefore, it is not surprising to know that people actively seek out healthy foods whenever possible.

As adults, we indulge in every food we can eat while trying to “maintain a balanced diet”. There is a growing interest in prioritizing healthy food in our modern times. Incorporating it into our daily diet is something a lot of people try and achieve as well. As people are becoming more concerned about their welfare whether it is through influence or their own medical concerns, it is evident that the demand for healthy food is on the rise. A lot of food enthusiasts have started the hype for healthy foods and diet; introducing new ways to incorporate healthier ingredients in dishes, discovering superfoods, and restricting to a diet with only a limited amount of food to choose from. The bigger concern now is if this healthy food trend is something that will continue to change how we produce and consume our food or if it will dwindle down in significance as we focus more on its other aspects.

Diet Obsession

As people are becoming more conscious of their health, the rises of “fad diets” are influencing a lot of people to control what they eat in a promise of weight loss and other health benefits. Fad diets are usually diets that are restricted to only specific healthy foods. A lot of times, these foods include healthy food ingredients but, at times, the choices of food involved in fad diets also come off as unusual or a surprising group of choice. Every fad diet focuses on certain food groups that affect the digestion of the body in certain ways. Pseudoscience is the basis to a lot of fad diets that is why it is under scrutiny among health enthusiasts.

An example of a famous fad diet that includes healthy food is called “Atkins diet” or simply a low carb diet plan. This is a weight loss diet that is popular to many as it clearly targets for you to just control the carbs in your food instead of eating less. It is one of the easier diets to follow because the main goal of the diet is just to avoid food with refined flour and sugar and even whole-grain foods, at least until the maintenance phase. It encourages people to consume and focus on healthy food alternatives in other food groups like ingredients rich in vitamins. The downside to this diet is that, although it helps in weight loss and the overall management of your meals, it doesn’t necessarily give you a well-balanced diet and may be lacking in certain nutrients needed because of food restrictions.

Food Restrictions

The “Fad diet” culture is one aspect of why the rise of our awareness towards healthy food may turn into something positive or negative. It is good that we are able to discover healthier options and incorporate it into our food but the restrictions may not be entirely balancing at all.

Here are a few points to be cautious about in undertaking a “fad diet”
● Fad diets are usually a quick fix to losing weight and without proper control and knowledge about how to eat healthily; it is something that may disrupt your natural metabolism.
● Some restrictions in fad diets may cause a lack of nutrients from other sources of food. These certain nutrients may be vital for preventing a few illnesses, and without the proper knowledge of your own body, a Fad diet may not turn out good for you.
● The restrictions in food may also be something that might limit the energy allowed to be stored inside your body. For diets that restrict carbs, excessive physical activity may need to be restricted. Therefore, for athletes and physically active individuals, going on a fad diet may not be the best action to take to lose weight or eat healthily.
● Fad diets involve planning meals with limited ingredients. Some may require ingredients that are expensive. If you are not financially capable of entirely changing your food to follow a fad diet, it is not something for you because constant maintenance will be needed to fully reap its benefits.
We must always remember that there are a lot of loopholes to trying out new and popular diets. An important thing is to know yourself and know the facts first to avoid affecting your health in a bad way. The popularity for fad diets remains and not just that, we are at the age of discovering healthier food to incorporate with our meals.

Influencers / Social Media

We are at the age of the internet and social media now. A lot of things we do in our daily lives rely on an online connection and this open access to the world opens us up to several influences as well. There are a lot of influencers in the world of health and nutrition now that are changing people’s approach to food. The current generation is also known for having a more adventurous side and naturally, whenever there are new things, they adapt well to it. In health and nutrition, we are discovering a lot of new information about how we can prepare dishes and add healthier ingredients to our daily meals.

A lot of influencers now on Facebook or Instagram create lifestyle pages that share recipes and food information to their followers. They provide useful tips on which food to eat and which ingredients to avoid. The only concern for some is that a majority of these influencers do not have relevant qualifications and they only share information based on their own personal knowledge and experience with their encounters with healthy foods. This is slowly changing, however, and a lot of individuals whose passion is to share information on health and wellness are starting to get their qualifications in order to be a more reliable source. Seeing this trend shows how much an impact healthy foods have among netizens. Influencers online already have a celebrity status, therefore, the things they share on their platform is something well respected and imitated by their followers; this is one of the ways how the public is getting more aware of healthy foods.

Healthy Food in Marketing

Healthy food is relevant now more than ever because people are finding different ways to make a picture-perfect lifestyle. Since there have been a lot of online bloggers, influencers and celebrities talking about their lifestyle, diet, and everyday routine, fans and netizens around the world are gaining inspiration to do this as well. As with anything that the public demands, marketing companies are quick to jump on the bandwagon and make the most out of this ‘trend”. They have studied how people’s desires control their buying decision process. They are able to bring out more content that is convincing in order to get more people to buy or even just to be more interested in healthy foods.

The advocacy of healthy food alternatives is something that is generally good for the public, The downside to this, however, is not knowing which sources can be trusted and which ones root from the intention of producing products merely for profit. A lot of gimmicks are prevalent now on the internet, and at times, even some healthy food ingredients can be antagonized in order to increase the interest for fad diets or trending superfoods that serve the opposite purpose of the healthy food. The internet is pervaded with advertisements, recommendation and clickbait articles, and videos, and with this type of online environments, it is certain that when something becomes a ‘trend”, it will last for a while and make its presence known.


Having social media assist in spreading the word about healthy foods, it might be safe to say that it would be something that will continue to be hyped about for a long time. Healthy food is good for everybody and there is no reason it won’t be talked about. As humans, we have a natural curiosity for things especially if it is something that can make us better. The trend of healthy food will continue to grow on the internet and find many more ways to innovate new dishes and diets. The only thing that will make healthy food fads dwindle in the least maybe because of the economy. If healthy food alternatives become inaccessible to a lot of people due to price hikes or severe drops in the economy, people will opt for simpler food ingredients that would be more convenient and practical to acquire.


Another factor that will consistently be prevalent alongside healthy food is practicing an active lifestyle. In general, lifestyle-related topics, articles, and videos already have a huge section on the internet. It would be unthinkable to remove these kinds of content from the internet, and as they say “everything posted online is there forever”. This is another reason why I believe that healthy food will not lose importance. Even when fad diets change, healthy food will continue to be a life-changing ingredient to individuals to make a better lifestyle.
We as humans strive to survive and evolve, and from our natural instincts, will always lean towards things that can allow us to be a better version of ourselves. Exercising and being physically fit is not enough for us to fully achieve a good lifestyle. Our basic means of survival, which is food, and in this case the healthy variant, will most definitely play a big role in our lives now and in the future.

The Real Diet

What, really, is healthy food? The online community sometimes describe healthy foods as somewhat synonymous to the food introduced in fad diets. In reality, almost every food is considered healthy. Like people, food is all different and essentially, good. They have different components and nutritional values. Famous healthy foods are fruits like apples, mangos, and oranges; and that is only to name one group. Vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy are some of the rest that are equally as important. Everyone has different dietary needs and just by this fact alone, it is almost certain that a lot of fad diets are not for everyone.

There is nothing wrong with following specific diets that include or are restricted to certain healthy foods, but the most effective way of dieting is to, first of all, know yourself. Know your body, take care of it and your instincts will be clearer. We all have the knowledge of food nutrients and different food types from our childhood. We should try and remember to use this knowledge and incorporate it into our daily meals instead of relying on a fad diet that may not be for everyone. Secondly, the way to a healthier lifestyle and to lose weight quickly is by putting effort to be mindful of everything life throws at you.
Healthwise, the most important thing is to eat more real, unprocessed foods and less packaged empty sources of calories. You can only lose weight by actually taking in fewer calories than what you can burn. Starving yourself does not do anything and may even be detrimental to your health in the long run. Healthy food, in my opinion, is, indeed, something that will stay for long. There might be fad diets related to healthy food but those diets are very restrictive. People should learn to be more patient when it comes to their health and not look for quick ways to lose weight. As they say, “You are what you eat”, and as long as there are healthy foods to choose from, once you learn how to get to know your body, you can plan your own diet with healthy foods readily available.