Lutong Pinoy Recipes

In modern times, we have grown accustomed to comfort food and meals that are fast and easy to acquire. The economy has made us a very “on-the-go” kind of society and it has affected our way of living and even eating. A lot of cultures and families still stick to their traditional ways of cooking home cooked meals but a lot of people, especially those living in cities even in any country in the world, are starting to form a habit of not making their own meals. To help with this, we have listed healthy dinner recipes that are fast and easy to make.

1. Chicken Skillet with Garlic Butter

A handy recipe that can always be done for dinner is a simple dish cooked in a skillet. Simply heat a skillet and add oil. Season the raw chicken with salt and pepper before cooking it in the skillet. Once it has cooked, set aside in another plate. Add butter and garlic to the skillet where the chicken was cooked and sauté until golden brown. You may add vegetables to your likings like asparagus or long beans. Then, add the chicken back to the skillet and top some of the sauce on it to spread the taste.

2. Lasagna

It is a recipe that looks tedious and hard to cook but actually easy to make. You’ll only need to cook the meat filling, which is usually ground beef, and saute it with onions and mushrooms. Add pasta sauce to complete the mixture, stir and continue to heat in low-medium temperature. Once cooked, spread the sauce in the bottom of a baking pan, layer with uncooked lasagna noodle, add meat sauce again and keep layering before it reaches the top of the baking pan. Top with your favorite cheese mixture and bake.

3. Aglio e Olio

It can be considered as one of the easiest ways to prepare a pasta recipe. Making aglio olio is “no sweat” at all. It only requires you to, of course, boil the pasta and for the sauce, heat olive oil and garlic in a pan until the garlic is toasted. Put the cooked pasta in the pan and mix well to spread the taste. Other recipes add more ingredients like shrimp and toppings like cheese but the most basic form of aglio olio is this simple.

4. Tomato Soup

All you need for this recipe is a few ingredients and very little waiting time. Simply saute spices like onion and garlic, then add tomatoes, stock, tomato paste and pepper to taste. Bring the mixture to a boil and then reduce to a simmer. Mix well until desired consistency.

5. Soy-Ginger Salmon

Quite similar to a chicken skillet, it is made by simply mixing the spices and main ingredients together like the soy sauce and ginger, sautéing them in a skillet and adding on the salmon later to be cooked and made crisp. Others go beyond that and bake the salmon afterward so that the sauce can really be absorbed by the fish.

6. Salad Bowls

There is so much space for experimentation in any salad recipes. The key is to get fresh ingredients and to do a bit of searching to know which ingredients mix well. Adding superfoods to salads such as kale, spinach, avocados, and berries are food hacks that would make your meal complete and healthy.

7. Creamy Spinach Pasta

It is a healthy pasta dish that can be made quickly. The sauce itself is a quick mixture of spinach and cream. As commonly done to start the dish, saute the onion and garlic. Add the spinach and let it cook for a while then add the cream and a few condiments like black pepper and nutmeg. Add the cooked pasta and that’s it.

8. Taco

Basically, a “DIY” meal, making tacos is all about the preparation. It does not require any fancy method of cooking. You only need to cook the meat, prepare the ingredients and stuff them all together with your favorite salsa, cheese, and other toppings. The typical toppings made with tacos are tomatoes, shredded cabbage, ground beef, cheese, salsa, and guacamole.

9. Cauliflower Fried Rice

A healthier alternative to cooking fried rice, cauliflower is used as an effective substitute. Cauliflower is much faster to cook than rice and the taste in not hugely different. It is prepared the same way as fried rice, given that you may include it with ingredients like egg, green peas, carrots, but the cauliflower is put through a food processor to have the “rice” consistency. Light toppings like shrimp will be the best option for dinner time.

10. Honey Garlic Shrimp and Broccoli

A seafood dish that works well together, shrimp and broccoli both have a fairly tame taste. Add a savory taste of garlic and sweet honey; it becomes a delicious and easy viand to prepare. Seafood ingredients such as shrimp are one of the best ingredients to use for a dinner recipe as it can be easily cooked. Not only does this dish conveniently have shrimps in it but it also makes use of three favorite condiments; honey, soy sauce, and garlic.

11. Healthy Roasted Chicken and Veggies

As the name suggests, it is simply roasted chicken and veggies. The best part about roasting food is that you’ll only need to marinate them before roasting to add in the flavor that you desire. A lot of vegetables can be roasted like carrots, bell peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants. There is a lot of variety to choose from according to your preference.

12. White Chicken Chili

An easy chili recipe to add to your dinner dishes, it is made with only a few ingredients; chicken, broth, northern beans and spices like salsa and cumin. Chili can be paired with food like salads, bread and biscuits. This is a perfect dinner on a cold night, especially during times like the holidays.

13. Vegetable Soup

Something to add warmth to your stomach at dinner, vegetable soup is very healthy and easy to make. It can be made with a few basic ingredients that can be found in your home. The dish is very flavorful and you can incorporate different vegetable ingredients according to your liking.

14. Migas

The origin of this dish is very different from what it has evolved to now. Migas is originally made from leftover bread. The Mexican interpretation of the dish includes corn tortilla with egg added. The Migas meant in this list however is the Tex-Mex variant that has evolved as Mexican food has been brought to the US. Tex-Mex Migas includes additional ingredients similar to what is prepared for tacos. Migas has now been reformed into a dinner recipe when enthusiasts have made it somewhat like a casserole dish.

15. Quinoa and Korean Beef Bowl

This is one of the healthy dinner recipes that usually calls for plain rice but to substitute Quinoa would be a very smart and healthy choice. It has a lot of nutrients but does not have an overpowering taste. Korean beef, on the other hand, is very flavorful and it would be a great pair to prepare. It may look plain but the beef tastes like Korean barbecue. The marinade is made of brown sugar, soy sauce, sesame oil, red pepper flakes, and ginger.