Lutong Pinoy Recipes


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In every Filipino handaan, we always have a section in the table where it’s all finger food for snacks. We have a few Pinoy recipes for Pinoy snacks but probably one of the most favorite is CALAMARES. There’s just something about its crispy outside and chewy inside that keeps us munching on more. Learn how to make this extremely easy Pinoy recipe below!
LutongPinoyRecipes-00074Calamares Calamares

What You Need

  • 1 ¼ kg large squid
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup cornstarch
  • oil
  • garlic powder, salt, and pepper to taste
  • lemon wedges

What To Do

    1. Separate the head of the squid from its body by pulling it out together with its internal parts and tentacles. Cut the head and the ink sac from the tentacles and make sure to remove the clear cartilage and discard them altogether. Clean the tentacles and the body thoroughly inside and out to remove membranes and remaining tissues. Cut the body into rings of desired thickness.
    2. In a bowl, combine milk and squid. Marinate squid in milk for at least 30 minutes to 4 hours in the refrigerator. Drain squid and throw the milk away.
    3. In another bowl, combine flour and cornstarch until evenly mixed. Put in the squid in the mixture and toss until the pieces are fully-coated.
    4. In a pan over medium heat, heat oil about 3 inches deep. Make sure it is hot enough by sprinkling the breading. It should turn into brown in 15 seconds. Deep fry the squid rings in batches for 1-3 minutes, flipping the pieces if necessary. Remove the squid with a slotted spoon and drain in paper towels.
    5. Sprinkle a mix of garlic powder, salt, and pepper to taste. Serve immediately with lemon wedges.