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AFilipino household normally revolves around two things: FOOD and FAMILY. Filipinos are known as one of the most family-oriented people in the whole world. We put our families first before anyone or anything else. We take pride and joy when our families are complete during get-togethers and reunions. And, what better way to gather everyone than serving a table full of the most sumptuous Pinoy food choices?
Aside from being family-oriented, Filipinos are also renowned for being such big lovers of food. With over 7,000 islands and other thousands of resources, the Philippines will never run out of uniqueness and originality when it comes to food.

0With the vast variety of choices of food in the Philippines, it becomes a challenge to access information about how to make them so you can serve them on your next salu-salo. This is why Lutong Pinoy Recipes exists.
Lutong Pinoy Recipes is created by people who have an extreme passion for cooking to serve as the one-stop destination for those who are dying to cook local delicacies from all around the Philippines.
Filipino food is not just about cooking. It is all about family, about celebration, and about remembering the abundance the Philippines has. Lutong Pinoy Recipes’ mission is to provide you with the best knowledge when it comes to Filipino food so you can foster a home full of love through great flavors that trigger amazing memories and relive happy moments.

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Lutong Pinoy Recipes envisions that we become the go-to hub for every Filipino who loves to cook. We want to reach out to those who are looking for an avenue to easily access the wide variety of Filipino food choices. The world is going forward with the digital age and we want to use this so that food and cooking lovers can save a lot of time finding information about their favorite local dishes.

Moreover, we want to create a community of people who love cooking and become the agent that will spearhead the future of Filipino cuisine in both the local and international scene.

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Our Mission


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Lutong Pinoy Recipes has only one mission and that is to provide the most complete information regarding every single authentic Filipino dish. We hope to educate the world, not just the Filipinos, that Filipino cuisine is worth trying through our easy-to-follow recipes and well-written blogs that feature the best of the best Filipino food items.


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